Custom Tie-Dye: BYOC

$20.00 On Sale

Image of Custom Tie-Dye: BYOC

This is a service. Send me your clothing, I'll tie-dye it for you!

100% Cotton holds color the best, but if you're looking for something more pastel/faded, feel free to send in any material.
(Tip: Check the tags inside your clothes to see what they're made of. Less cotton = more muted colors)

White clothing gets you the cleanest colors, anything that's not white will be bleached first and then dyed, a cool process typically known as reverse dye-ing.

Shipping cost covers return shipping, so we can get your tie-dye back to you. Please note that you'll need to pay for shipping your clothes to us too, we're a small shop.

Instructions will be sent to you once payment is confirmed, typically within 24 hours:
1) Where to ship your clothes
2) Picking your colors
3) Expected turn-around time

Depending on when we receive your clothing, the whole process generally takes 2-3 weeks as each item is custom-dyed by hand on a first-come, first-served basis.

This is art, we'll pick the design and make something cool. No refunds or returns.